At Home in Klamath County Oregon

The Klamath Trails Alliance works cooperatively with trail users, land owners, and others to promote, develop, and maintain a network of trails for non-motorized recreation in and around Klamath County, Oregon.

One of our primary visions is the Great Klamath Circle, a 150+ mile route that will circle Upper Klamath Lake, linking the city of Klamath Falls with the Fremont-Winema National Forest, Crater Lake National Park, and the OC&E Woods Line State Trail.

We are working with a wide range of public and private groups and landowners to acquire trail right-of-way, build and maintain trails, and promote enjoyment of these natural resources!

We have been given a challenge by a local business to match a generous donation by the end of December 2014.   See the Spence Mountain Project page for details.


The EcoSolar Spence Mountain Challenge is cranking along!

As of December 17, 2014 our community has donated $4,165 . We are over half way to our $8,000 goal that will be matched by EcoSolar.
Yes We can!

Learn more about the path to your outdoor adventure here, or contribute or become a member to help promote and complete this grand vision! If you’re interested in becoming more involved or just being on our contact list, drop us a note at :